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Paragliding Niesen - Spiez

Niesen – Spiez

May – October

The Niesen. The mythical pyramid mountain of the Alps. On some days it stands blanketed in a layer of fog, on others it is strikingly clear against a deep blue sky, shining with a beautiful array of sunlit colour. The Niesen is said to be the home of gnomes and dragons. Come and discover the beauty and stories for yourself. We take a train to the summit and have a short walk to the take off site. After your flight we land in the beautiful little lakeside town of Spiez.

  • CHF 300


    2360 m / 7742 ft


    2.5 hours time required
    Flight time about 30 minutes

  • Transport

    Transportation exclusive

  • meeting Point

    Niesen Station Mühlenen

  • Photo & Video

    Photo & Video option available

Additional Information

The dream of flying …

… is as old as humanity. According to Greek mythology, Ikarus, the son of Daidalos, swung himself against the sun with feathers fastened to his body in order to escape his prison on Crete. Even if Icarus failed, the dream of flying has always been imprisoned in the souls of humanity. Paragliding is the magic word. Lift off like a bird, forget everything around you and breathe in the beauty of the landscape.

And so you fulfill the dream of flying: 

Please make an appointment by phone or use our online booking system to arrange a flight time and meeting point. You and your pilot will travel together from the meeting point to our take off site. On arrival you will be given a helmet and a harness in the appropriate size.

After your pilot lays out the paraglider, you will be given instructions about take off. Your pilot will make the necessary preparations and safety checks. You run a few steps on the slightly sloping terrain and as the wind catches the wing, breathe deeply as you gently become airborne. Enjoy the view as you glide effortlessly through the skies.

Is a Paragliding flight safe?

Safety and professionalism are our top priorities, because only then, in harmony with the forces of nature, will you enjoy boundless freedom, independence, enjoyment and joie de vivre in their purest form. For your safety, we only use well-trained and certified pilots with experience, prudence and a high level of risk awareness by the Swiss hangglider association SHV. And the stringent test regulations, which require paragliding components to withstand at least eight times the actual load, have made paragliding the safest flying sport today.

Do I need previous knowledge of a tandem paragliding flight?

As a passenger you do not need any prior knowledge. You will receive the necessary instructions for takeoff, flight and landing from your pilot during the start preparation phase. Weather Wind, fog or precipitation affect our flight operations. Depending on weather conditions, we have to postpone our flight times or stop the flight. The decision lies with the pilot. As a rule, the flight conditions are fixed one day in advance. To avoid unnecessary arrival, we recommend that you contact us the evening before or the morning of the flight.

How old do I have to be?

Age does not matter. As long as you are fit and can make some fast steps in the field, there is nothing in the way of a tandem flight. Our oldest guest was 90 years old. For children we recommend a minimum age of 7 years. Young people under 16 need the consent of the guardian.

How much may my body weight be?

We fly passengers between 30 kg and 100 kg. Outside these weight classes, it must be clarified in each individual case on the basis of the weather-related starting conditions, whether a tandem paragliding is possible.

Is my fitness good enough?

If you can take some quick steps and you do not have any serious chronic illnesses, then there is nothing in the way of a tandem flight. Heart disease or other impairments should be stated at the time of booking.



Good footwear and a seasonally adapted clothing. Long pants and a windbreaker are recommended throughout the year. For train travel do not forget Swiss Train Halbtax or GA subscription.

Do I need insurance?

Paragliding is not considered a risky sport in Switzerland. It therefore does not need special accident insurance. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant.

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